A Chuck Berry portrait commissioned by his family and friends for his 84 birthday which they presented during his birthday gig.


I undertook the portrait in acrylic from a photo supplied by his family.  It was all done without his knowledge until the night.

Since that time many portraits have been commissioned for Icons of stage and screen.

CB with picture.png

How it all came about and where we are today.

I was ten year of age and it was Christmas eve.  I had asked for a box of paints for my Christmas present and eagerly awaited it’s delivery to be placed on the foot of my bed.

Morning came and my mother popped her head around my bedroom door to call me down for breakfast.  To her horror and a shrill yell, she noted that I had painted the walls in my room in just about every subject and colour  you can imagine.

It would be many years before I became a full-time artist, after first qualifying in electronics and later architectural design.  Today I have well over three thousand works in private homes and offices worldwide and the list grows daily.

Some of the latest comments from my clients

  • Hi Brian. Hope you are well. It took a bit longer then expected but finally I can send you a photo of the framed Bowie painting. Again thanks. It's so wonderful! Cheers. ~Thorsten

  • Hi Brian,  Thank you, painting has arrived today and it looks great, we are both very pleased.  All the bestAlan

  • Hello Brian.
    I hope you happy and healthy.
    If you would send me your email address then I am going to send you a photo of the framed Bowie painting once I have it back.
    The drawing is, as always, stunning.
    Thank you very very much.
    Have a wonderful evening.
    All the best.

  • Thanks Brian for painting such a stunning piece.

  • Fabulous artwork and nice guy

  • Absolutely beautiful!  Audrey Hepburn original painting

  • Hi, I received one of your Bowie portraits from my son for Christmas. Just wanted to say how much I love it. It’s fantastic, and will have pride of place in my office (home office now working from home due to Covid ). Many thanks, Vicky (Fife, Scotland)

  • Re Flamenco painting. She arrived this morning and she’s absolutely beautiful! Once we’re out of lockdown, we’ll get her framed and I’ll send you a photo of her in situ. We are completely thrilled, thank you so much

  • Simply amazing. Extremely happy with the quality, made a great gift Thank you!

  • Excellent.. Amazing.. very talented artist.

  • Beautiful!

  • Fantastic piece! Gorgeous. Wonderful artist.

  • This guys work is absolutely amazing thank you very much.

  • Excellent painting! Brian kept tabs on delivery status for me, great service.

  • thank you for a superb painting, excellent, highly recommended.

  • thank you for a stunning painting, excellent.

  • Beautiful and stunning artwork! Artist is very talented and friendly.

  • Thanks Brian - as usual an awesome painting - thank you !

  • Another great painting ! Superb, thankyou Brian T

  • Absolutely brilliant piece.I know my art and Brian's style & standard is class

  • PERFECT! Beautiful rendition! Great communication.

  • a wonderful piece of R&B history. U are right Brian - it is HUGE :)

  • I cannot tell you how over the moon I am with my canvass.