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The Marketplace


Wall art is a massive worldwide market turning over billions per year.  Just about every home or office have some kind of art on their walls.  Wall art comes in two forms, original and prints, it is the latter that is the largest market by far.

These days people like to change their wall art to suit the decor or the home, it is estimated that most households will change or upgrade their wall art between three to five years, so the market never ends.

The style of art sold varies greatly from abstract to highly detailed fine art.  As always, it's the quality of the art that dictates to price, so if you are selling prints that are simply copies of copies the value is zero, if on the other hand they are first copy reproductions of quality artworks direct from a named artist, they have value and of course look much better on the wall, not surprisingly, this sector in the strongest market.  

The opportunity

How it came about

We started offering this business opportunity back in 2012 supplying reproductions of my original works to registered resellers.  In those days we undertook all the printing, but as the resellers where located worldwide, the shipping of framed works was expensive and the need to purchase an amount of stock for display gave the reseller a heavy on-cost to absorb.  All this changed in the last few years, as print shops can be found on most high streets and more latterly online Print On Demand companies have sprung up just about everywhere offering excellent prices.  For resellers that like to have more control over their printing, fine art inkjet printers are now very affordable.  Sophisticated cloud based online shops made it possible for us to store and download large digital files which would download the file instantly to a reseller on payment without any loss of quality.  All we had to do was scan the full range of art which took a whole year and this continues as new works gets added weekly.

Your Business

Home based or retail

With the new changes a reseller could now purchase a digital art file for one off small fee, use the image for display advertising and only put to print when a firm order was taken.  This has made the business opportunity very attractive as the startup costs are very low and the returns on sale have good margins.

The business can be home based using online marketing, suppling gift and artisan shops, local exhibitions, market places etc, others have setup boutique art galleries.  They all work well, but each reseller has their favorite method of marketing and selling.  

Big canvas art can transform a room by becoming  a spectacular attraction and we have resellers who specialise in this style of wall art.

They offer a consultancy service to private home owners helping them in the selection of the right art for a particular room.  Some use small projectors linked to their phones or laptop which contain the download file, this beams the artwork onto the wall space so the buyer can get a real time viewing.  Once the artwork has been selected the reseller takes a deposit and produces the print to order through online printing  or local retail print shops and have the framed print ready to wall mount within 36 business hours. 

Offices and businesses in another large market for art as it gives style and impact to the work environment.

Getting started is easy, there are no joining and annual fees, but you must register as a reseller on the form below after you have ready the free ebook download.


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