The quickest best price way to but high quality wall art for your home or business.

Using our Instant Digital Downloads you can decorate your home with high quality wall art for a fraction of the cost of normal prices.  What is more its quick, easy and can be delivered to your home with 36 hours.  Here is how:

  1. Go to Instant Downloads in our shop and select the artwork your require and purchase for a one-off small fee, the download activates instantly on payment through Paypal.

  2. You now upload the file to our printing partners or one of your own choosing, select the size you require and type of frame, then purchase the printing.

  3. You receive the art print delivered to your door, if you live within the UK this can be all done within 36 hours.

All artwork downloads are exact copies for my original works with thousands sold worldwide.

We have a spectacular product range just waiting for you.


Stunning wall art to bring any wall alive.  All subjects covered.  All works direct from the artist.

Dramatic Wall Art

You will be able to offer your clients dramatic wall art by size.

Abstract Wall Art

Stunning wall art to bring any wall alive.  All subjects covered.  All works direct from the artist.

Dance Wall Art

Dance works in fine detail or semi abstract.

Icon Portrait Wall Art

Well over two hundred icon art works for you to offer to your clients.

Become a reseller working from home selling our wall art and casual fashion range.

Art and fashion has been our business for a two decades with thousands of wall art sold worldwide through our Reseller Network.  For years I have designed for fashion houses and manufacturing companies, more recently I decided to design our own range of unique designer casual fashion wear to be used exclusively by our registered resellers, this has proved to be a great success and the market is massive.  All the designing is done for you, you need only use the services of our partner manufactures for sales you make.  You can develop your own brand label and as there is little to no overheads, the sky's the limit. 


Most resellers are home based businesses, while other resellers have retail shops and galleries.  We offer our resellers a easy business format with little to no capital outlay, no stock to carry, no joining or annual fees to pay.  Profit margins are good and the potential to build a sizeable business is there for those that are proactive.  Go to our shop off the link below > Resellers Only > Free eBook

Once you have received your free eBook and had time to read it you are welcome to register as an Art Fantastic Reseller by filling in the form below.


To register, please take the time to fill out the information below.

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