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How to print your downloaded file

  1. Select and purchase your painting.

  2. Print off on your desktop printer.  For larger wall art sizes use your local high street or online printing company.

  3. Hang on your wall.

No shipping, no waiting, use as many time as you like to make wall prints, t-shirts, personalise drinking mugs etc, make gifts.

But please dont sell them commercially.

art print by Brian Tones

On secure payment through Paypal your digital file will be dispatched automatically to your inbox. Be sure to save it in Photos etc as the email will remain active for 70 hours.

The downloadable file is large and set to ratio 4.5 so are scaleable in the following sizes.  


120x150 cm (47x59 inch)

100x125 cm (39x49 inch)

80x100 cm (32x39 inch)

60x75 cm (24x30 inch)

40x50 cm (16x20 inch)

30x37 cm (12x14.5 inch)

20x25 cm (8x10 inch)

As you can see, you can make massive wall art all the way down to small ones.  If you are using a printer they can handle all the sizing and framing for you.

With my printable art downloads you can furnish your home with high quality art for a fraction of the normal costs.  The art download file is purchased for one small fee and sent to your inbox instantly.  You can now have the file printed at your local online printing company at a size to suit your wall space. Just Google "Online printers near me" No shipping, no waiting.

Most online printers have easy setup on their web page to set size and framing styles, then deliver within 36 hours.

All artworks are unique, created in my studio.  There are not copies of public images, they are first generation, therefore perfect reproduction of the original work. 

Please Note:  All prints made from the download are for personal use only.  The digital downloaded file is covered by copyright so you must not sell, gift or share the file.

If you have any questions on the above please make contact with the details.

Thanks for looking Brian

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