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This is a digital file for you to download for one small fee.  The artwork can be printed by your local online printing company for a size of the original work of 120 cm x160 cm (47x63 inch) or scale down to any size smaller to suit your wall space.

Ratio 4.5 so scale to the following sizes>

120x150 cm (47x59 inch)

100x125 cm (39x49 inch)

80x100 cm (32x39 inch)

60x75 cm (24x30 inch)

40x50 cm (16x20 inch)

30x37 cm (12x14.5 inch)

20x25 cm (8x10 inch)

These unique digital artworks can create massive high quality wall art for you to furnish your home.

To purchase click on Buy Now, fill in your details and payment will be processed securely through paypal. On payment the file will be dispatched automatically to your inbox.

Fabulous Faces ITN25 Download

12,95 €Price
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