The Full Story


I was ten year of age and it was Christmas eve.  I had asked for a box of paints for my Christmas present and eagerly awaited it’s delivery to be placed on the foot of my bed.

Morning came and my mother popped her head around my bedroom door to call me down for breakfast.  To her horror, she noted that I had painted the walls in my room in just about every subject and colour  you can imagine. 

It would be many years before I became a full-time artist, after first qualifying in electronics and later architectural design.  Today I have well over three thousand works in private homes and offices worldwide.


Once the decision had been made to move into the world of art, the hardest part was choosing the category and style of art I would specialise in.

Portraiture interested me, especially working with some of the wonderful faces within the stage and music industry.

Initially, I worked in the style of realism, but as time went on I moved to palette knife work, working mainly in black and white, which produced a raw dramatic image.

Icon Portraits.

The whole point of this style of work is to create a somber raw image of the subject, one which brings depth and meaning to the painting, hopefully also, a talking point when hung on a wall. 


These works are medium to large and always undertaken in modern acrylics, a difficult medium to use, but takes some beating for impact. 

CB with picture.png

Some time back, I received a commission from a art gallery in the US for a Bob Dylan portrait for one of their clients, who happened to be in the music business.

This led to a number of commissions from that secture, one such portrait was for Chuck Berry's 84th Birthday commissioned by his family and friends, which was presented on at his Birthday gig. 

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