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See before you buy 

Choosing art for your walls can be quite a task.  You travel down to the art gallery and spend an hour or two viewing, but what looks fine in the gallery may not have the same effect in your home, disappointment may follow.

The solution can be found right here.  I have painted a selection of flamenco works at medium size which I can bring to your home for you to see first hand.  If you like the works we can discuss commissioning a size to fit your wall space, to arrange go to  View at Home and fill in the form.

I will now make an appointment to bring the artworks to your home for you to see.

There is no obligation, if delighted you buy and keep, or commission.

Simply the best way to select and buy art.

Flamenco Promotion

Flamenco Dancer Promotion

I have painted a series of flamenco works on board in popular sizes at a special low prices .

You can also try before you buy

take a look off link below

Art Fantastic for stylish homes

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