Spectacular art for incredible homes

Creating stunning wall art designed to bring your walls alive.  These three dimensional works are absolutely unique in the marketplace, designed and created in my studio high in the mountains of Cordoba, Southern Spain.

I have a number of works in my shop available ready for purchase which I can ship, or if you live within Andalucia I can deliver and mount on your walls.

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Structured three dimensional abstract wall art created to order

Structured abstract works in acrylic created to order to suit your room interior and wall space.  Whether you are looking for a contrasting bold impact, or a blending match of your decor colours, I will create a unique work just for you.

These works are carved and structured out of specialised paste, coloured gels and acrylic binding compounds to give a high profile.  They are heavy works, so set on artist rigid boards.

Past commission shown 1x2.5 meters

1.meter x 1.5 meter commission. 


Commissioning a contemporary abstract artwork is an exciting venture that has no bounds.  Once I have your colours and size requirements, I can start the creation process.

Mostly my objective is to make a statement, a mark of individuality that sets your room apart.


Unlike so many mass produced abstract paintings we see in magazines and galleries, these highly structured works are unique with many hours going into their creation.


Unique in the marketplace


When choosing a work of art for your home, it is a unique statement about you, an off-shelf, mass produced painting or print just won't cut the mustard.

I have been creating these works now for quite a few years with hundreds now hanging in fine houses and offices worldwide.

Due to problems with international shipping I am now only shipping large works within Mainland Europe.  If you live within Andalucia, I can offer you a personal free home consultation to discuss your project.

Art Fantastic for stylish homes

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