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A Boutique Art Fantastic Gallery.

A boutique gallery within an existing shop.  This is where a dedicated area within to shop is set aside for the art. 

All art is supplied free and the shop works on a commission of works sold.

This is the perfect setup for someone new to the art market, the only setup costs are creating a dedicated area within the shop with wall space, table and lighting.

Walking In Gallery

Centrally promoted off this website. Local promotions are the responsibility of the shop / gallery owner.


There are no fees to pay and no contracts, so that either party can opt out without commitment.  There is no exclusive territory.   All suppled artworks remain the property of Art Fantastic until sold.  

If you don't presently have a shop, but would like to become an Art Fantastic Reseller.  Or you would like a completely dedicated Art Fantastic Gallery make contact for info on how to get started.

artwork by Brian Tones

As an artist, my main objective and passion is the creation of art that is striking and eye catching.

Having spent many hours in art galleries and exhibitions, so I have a good idea what works and how to exhibit and promote.

The galleries that work best are those that are themed, not just a jumble of everything that is available.

An artwork needs space to create a viewing tranquility, so the importance of the creation can catch the imagination of the viewer.

I firmly believe art has to be seen to be sold and the best way for this is the be displayed in a quality retail environment.

I produce both small works and large, so there is something for all.

To summaries.

  • No Stock to buy in.

  • All art supplied free.

  • Fast selling.

  • Profitable commission on sales made.

  • Restocking free.

For more information please make contact on the form below.

Portrait by Brian Tones

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